Buy or Sell a Food Truck

Hard work and persistence can pay off with a relatively small investment in the food truck business, however operating a food truck profitably is not easy as one may think.  Too many people have discovered this too late in the game which is why there is currently a burgeoning marketplace of food trucks for sale every day.  Used food trucks can be repurposed with new interiors, exteriors or used as-is when the previous owner sells the branding along with the necessary equipment to cook, clean and maintain their restaurant on wheels.

We would like to lend a hand to those who are trying to get out of the business and those who might be interested in getting started.  If you would like us to hook you up, send us a line via our contact-us page. If you are trying to sell your food truck, with or without branding, please send us the details via the form below and we’ll contact you shortly:

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