Oct 162015

The MASS District will be celebrating Halloween during the MASS District Artwalk on October 31st along with the Artwalk events of its venues. There will be LED Robots, live music, a car show, vendor booths, food trucks, ghosts and goblins, zombies, and  a costume contest held by Light Up The Night. Artwalk starts at 6pm and ends at 11pm. The MASS District is pleased to announce new sponsorship’s with Light Up The Night. #LUTN is a South Florida based events company that creates the ultimate nightlife experience by offering all forms of LED products and services. MAC Fine Art: MAC represents many of the world’s most accomplished artists and publishes quality limited editions for some of the art industry’s most recognized names.

“As we are looking to grow not only our membership, our MASS District Artwalk, and creative emphasis, we have a vested interest in attracting new businesses to our community and it only makes sense to partner with businesses that are not only members of MASS, but here in the community to raise further awareness of the MASS District with more events and marketing”, says Ed Burnette, Executive Director of MASS District.

Parking & Shuttle

With the primary hub address of 807 NE 4th Ave, 33304 during this artwalk event, there will be free next door parking provided at 498 NE 9th St, 33304 in the MASS District. Optional free trolley shuttle service is provided. Trolley services provided by http://uniquetrolley.com/


Artwalk Vending spaces are available for vendors & artists! Visit https://form.jotform.com/massftl/vendor to reserve space.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks will be positioned at Light Up The Nights #Apocalypse Block Party. Some of the trucks attending are Tuto’s Cuisine (tacos), Waffle Pops (everything on a waffle and hot dogs) and Everglades Treats (vegan). More to be announced…


We truly appreciate and thank our sponsors for helping to make the MASS District Artwalk possible.

The Original Sign Man provides a full suite of print services

Mac Fine Art provides funding for print, advertising and our trolley system that’s FREE to the public!

Light Up The Night provides funding for print, advertising and our trolley system that’s FREE to the public!

More info

Join the event on Facebook to see the full line up of venues and events at.


For further information about MASS, contact MASS District’s Executive Director Ed Burnette at create@massdistrict.co or 954.866.3890


 Vend in the MASS copy
Aug 222015

We will be blowing out the summer of 2015 in style at this month’s MASS District’s Art Walk, themed #SummerBash and it’s going to be huge! MASS District  (Music & Arts South of Sunrise) is a district of creatives & businesses with a vested interest in the community & economic development of Fort Lauderdale through the arts.  The public is invited to walk through the various shops and galleries on the last Saturday of each month between the hours of 6 and 10pm.

Participating Venues & Food Trucks

Light Up The Night – #SummerBash Block Party
911 NE 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Across the street from our free parking located at the corner of NE 9th St and NE 5th Ave. Light Up The Night will be hosting its #SummerBash Block Party event and Car Show. Featuring live LED robots, a DJ, custom cars, and a host of food trucks including:

  • Mitas Dishes Mobile
  • Tasty Mania
  • Top Fries
  • Peru Sabroso
  • Food Dude
  • Miami Roasted Corn
  • Riley’s Kitchen
  • MeatHeads BBQ
  • Vibe 305
    And more to come….

MAC Fine Art -XXL Abstracts
833 NE 4th Ave
Larger sized abstract works of art are so powerful and compelling that they cant help but stimulate our inner psyche evoking highly personal unconscious feelings of emotions. These super-sized works confront and challenge us to get in touch with the unconscious part of our existence, even if we don’t realize what were doing.

Featured Artist:
-Jacqueline Berkley
-Ricardo Cordova
-James Leonard
-Flippo Ioco
-Paul Tamanian
-Hernan Sosa
-Brenda Heim
-Richard Currier
-Vernon Ennis
-Tom Rossetti
-Dietmar Brixy
-Adam Collier

The Great Project – The Great Opening
820 NE 4th Ave
The great project is newly remodeled and ready to show off its gallery space available to artists, along with wall and event space. Make sure to stop in and check out #TheGreatProject

Art Attack – #SkyLine Art by Stephanie Leyden
807 NE 4th Ave
“As you travel around our world the line between Earth and sky is always shifting and changing; creating a constantly unique perspective. I love to paint what fascinates me.” Buildings, tree lines, seascapes, and more; this subject matter encompasses a vast array of artistic opportunities. However, every work of art is not simply a realistic copy-paste, formulated from photographs. Each piece represents the style and creativity Stephanie is able to evoke within a blank canvas. The skyline is a broad term meant to describe, simply, the horizon line. “I envision and create worlds and cities with their own surreal, whimsical qualities.”

Dekkagon– MVMNT
407 NE 8th St
The Dekkagon family, although 20 members strong, is just one part of a creative MVMNT that is quickly and awesomely changing the face of Fort Lauderdale.

Studio A: Amanda Walling, Artist
Studio B: Mike Otero and Reni Candelier, Artist
Studio C: Clara Elena, Jewelry Design
Studio D: Rosie Rios of Artia Accessory Design
Studio E: Rick Almedia & Chan No Jackie A-V (Music Production)
Studio F: Shade Aaronberg, Artist

Gallery members:
-Desiree Kim
-Crieg Ramer, Jewlery
-Robert Caiwen, Artist
-Rabecca Gernert, Jewelry
-Anthony Pepe, Artist
-Lisa Teger-zhen and Shamae Ayala, Jewlry
-Zander Brant, Artis
-Kathy Lewis, Jewelry
-Amy Allison, Artist
-Jo Deserio Jones, Jewelry
-Paola Gracy, Artist

Manager: Joshua Tikten, fine/graphic artist

The Art Bloc -“Obvious Unseen” Artist: Dane
807 NE 4th ave 33301
A collection of slanted and deliciously distorted images that would fly under the radar of most. Under appreciated and hardly noticed by the masses. Hidden in plain sight but charmingly exposed when you suspend your vision for a moment and see another’s or find your own. Your sure to take a fresh look on what you never noticed before.

ShadePost – Eons
16 NW 1st St, Fort Lauderdale Florida
Great Art for Sale, Eons performing live and cold beer!

Parking and Shuttle

With our primary hub address of 807 NE 4th Ave Fort Lauderdale Fl 33304 during this artwalk event, there will be free parking at the SearsTown Parking lot in the MASS District with optional trolley shuttle service.


The Original Sign Man

Digital Liberation

More Info:

Visit our event page at

For further information, contact Executive Director Ed Burnette at 954-866-3890 or visit www.massdistrict.co

MASS Summer MAP-1

Jun 262015
FAT Arts Village

Here are some last minute updates to the Artwalk which is always scheduled for the last Saturday of every month at FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale’s somewhat “hidden” arts district.  See below for more general information on this event.


Join The Florida Panthers in a Celebration of Hockey during FATVillage Artwalk.  The history of the Panthers and of hockey through the years will be depicted in art ranging from video immersion to graffiti art.  Florida Panthers D Aaron Ekblad and F Jonathan Huberdeau will be in attendance as well as Randy Moller, the voice of the Panthers radio broadcast plus members of the Panther front office team and staff.  You won’t want to miss this unique hockey experience from our very own local Florida Panthers!

539 NW 1st Avenue


The Projects Contemporary Art Space

“Felt Sew Knot Bound”, closing, curated by Leah Brown and Peter Symons

Conceptual textile based art.

523 NW 1st Avenue


Box Gallery – Jena Thomas –“Artificial Oasis”, closing

FATVillage Center for the Arts

Helium Creative – “Farewell To FATVillage”, showcasing Chris and Ryan’s own work.

C & I Studios – “Swim Easy”  – Water Fashion Show

General Provision – “Built Not Bought” – celebrating 1 year of community, craft and commerce.

World & Eye – “Habitat”

Francisco Sheuat Studio  -“Upcycled Art”

Mishu Art –Pop art with a twist

Samsara Gallery – featuring Outsider Art

IS Projects – Nocturnal Press and The Goods Courtyard

Urban Post

Sixth Star

Bonney Goldstein Studio

Donna Haynes Studio

Judith Schwab Studio

Timothy Leistner

535 Fine Arts Studios:

               Reality In My Mind

Gray Walker

Melissa Vlahos

Harriet Silverstein

Cheryl Brown

Lorraine Sternberg


Parking for Artwalk

Please park behind Searstown on Federal and ride the free Trolley.  The lot is located at the corner of NE 5th Avenue and NE 9th Street behind Sears.  There is no parking behind the FATVillage warehouses due to the All Aboard Florida construction and the condos and apartments around the Village do not allow parking.  Our street will be closed to traffic as well.  The Trolley runs from 6-Midnight.

FOOD COURT & Food Trucks at Peter Feldman Park

Joji Yogurt
Guiseppe’s Italian Sausage
Sidecar Kitchen
Box of Chacos
Killer Melts
Los Chamos Food Truck
Mobile Culinary Kitchen and Cafe
Poblano’s Mexican Fusion
Press Gourmet Sandwiches
Red Zeppelin
Boba Station Truck
Sauced Up Food Truck
Smokey C’s Catering

More Info on ArtWalks in downtown Fort Lauderdale