Online pharmacies appeared quite a long time ago and already gained high popularity among users. One of the main advantages of these pharmacies is the ability to operate 24/7. You can access their services with a computer, laptop, or even a mobile phone. Prices there are always lower than in local ones. For example, you can compare the cost of drugs in the following online pharmacies.

PrescriptRx Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.2) 1523 E Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334, United States (754) 200-5913

Dropped off a prescription to have filled was pain med. It was for Surgery, which was written on the prescription. Said it would be ready in 40 minutes. After one and one-half hours, it was not ready then later, the pharmacist informed me that she did not feel comfortable filling it. She could have told me this on the front end. This was just WRONG!

PrescriptRx Pharmacy has filled my scripts for years. They have helped me out of more binds than I can count, and they always go out of their way to make sure I am taken care of. Don’t go to a big-box pharmacy. It’s just not worth the grief and anxiety. Just drive a little further to Buchanan Drugs Pharmacy. It will save you so much peace of mind.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.8) 3200 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, United States (954) 390-7056

The best and friendliest pharmacist/pharmacy in Jasper. I drive past 6 different pharmacies just to go to this one. The ladies are great, and they care about their customers. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I love Viaqx pharmacy because of the staff, the pharmacist s feel, and Jordan all the pharmacy AIDS and texts they’re just great and the unique items that they sell in their gift shop you cannot find anywhere else they’re fairly priced, and they even have a clearance section that I always have to check out when I go I would recommend access Viaqx to anyone they’re there to help you not just earn money, and I believe it also gives jobs to locals who sell their crafts there, they also have a diabetic shoe fitting gallery

A Plus Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.9) 1303 SE 17th St d1, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, United States (954) 687-0774

I have been on hold for almost 40 minutes, wanting to know if they have a flu shot for a child. If you can’t answer the phone, then your service may match, which breaks my heart. We love the pharmacy in colonial; they never take this long!!!

Had all of my prescriptions switched here after the Walgreens closed. In that time, I’ve had: prescriptions entered as refills to prior prescriptions, which then required my physician to call in every month despite me handing them a pad that said refill for 3 months, coupons removed from my medications every month, requiring me to physically go to my physician and get a new coupon every month so that it can be applied, and had the dosage of my medications be completely wrong and match the prescription that I only had for 1 month over a year ago (45 of 10 mg, 1.5 times a day so it’s very unique and I only did it to taper down from 20 to 10). This is especially frustrating because it means I have to go through the issues associated with changing dosage again despite already doing all this a year ago. Nothing has ever been just as simple as drop off and pick up here for the past three months. Every trip also always takes at least 45 minutes. I never had any issues at A Plus Pharmacy, and I don’t understand why that’s not the case here since I know some of the workers there transferred here. I understand things are especially hectic during the pandemic, but these issues began well before that started.

Medic Pharmacy & Surgical (Google Rating: 3.3) 5150 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, United States (954) 484-4200

I have never had a problem until now. My dr called in a refill for my blood pressure medicine on the 8th. It is the 10th, and I had not received a message it was ready, so I called this morning. The lady I spoke to said it was there, and she did not know why it was not filled, and she would put a rush on it. I call back this evening, and it was still not ready. I was told they don’t fill medicine unless they know someone is coming to get it. This has never been their practice. I have always had auto refills and text when ready.

The entire pharmacy team at this location is exceptional! They are kind, prompt, and take their time to ensure all questions are answered. Today there was a small mix up (not their fault and not a big deal), and Julie Dean, one of the pharmacists, immediately corrected it and made me feel as though I was the most important customer there. I am very grateful for her help. She even took the time to recommend some other things to possibly help my condition. I recently relocated from Florida, where I was using an independent pharmacy because I was sick of being treated like just a number at the larger chain pharmacies. Today I feel as though I received the personalized touch that is so often not available at larger pharmacies. Thank you to Julie and the team at Medic Pharmacy & Surgical for making me feel valued and cared for.