New Look to Food Trucks Fort Lauderdale

This weekend, we implemented a new look to our website that is super sharp and makes it even easier to browse through the many food truck events around South Florida.  We did not like the event photo’s being squashed using our previous website, so we changed “themes” thanks to the many different options available on the WordPress platform which we use for this and all of the WeekendBroward websites.

With the new website came two more benefits – speed and compatibility with mobile devices.  Our latest statistics show that a whopping 48% of you are using smart phones to access our website and another 13% are using tablets.  That means we must be able to display information in different formats for different screen sizes.  The industry term for a website that can reformat itself is “responsive” and that is the only choice one should have in this day and age to be able to cater to all types of web users.

Now, our work is never completely done, so keep checking back and hopefully you will continue to see new features and improvements.  If you like live entertainment events, be sure to also visit our other websites covering the greater Fort Lauderdale area including and

We hope that your experience on our new website is a good one and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions.  There are so many great events going on and it takes feedback from people like you so that we can publish and share your information with everyone else that browses our website.

‘keep on truckin!

Rob, The Weekend Concierge