FATVillage ARTWALK on Saturday August 30 in Fort Lauderdale

On the last Saturday of each month, you will find a frenzy of art lovers congregating on a 1 mile square area in Fort Lauderdale known as Fat Village.  The Village is made up of many art galleries and related businesses.  On this night, they hold open houses where the public is invited to see what they are working on.  Below is a summary of what you can expect to see at just a few of the many participating studio’s on Saturday, August 30th from 6 to 10pm.

Fat Village Haptic ColorsThe Projects, North

“Haptic Colors”, closing  Curated by Leah Brown, Christian Feneck and Peter Symons

Works by:  Martin Casuso, Christian Feneck, Henning Haupt, Sri Prabha, Jerry Seay, Agustin Vargas, Ruth Von Spalding


Haptic; adjective:    Relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects


Haptic Colors is a group exhibition of artists who are using color in space to transcend the 2-dimensional picture plane.  The five installations and two videos that are on view are non-representational, and necessitate physical proximity to the work to fully experience the optical and visually tactile malleabilities of each piece.

523 NW 1st Ave.

World and Eye Studio

“Then & Now” by Charlotte Maloney & Amroutie Ragoobar

Two bodies of work created independently and yet so complimentary.  Be prepared for movement, abstraction, color and texture to overwhelm the senses,

109 NW 5th Street

The Guild 5 Forty Five

“Patina”, a series of dance vignettes

7:30 – tickets $12.00.  An end of summer contemporary dance ensemble.  Kim Grijalva, Guild Creative Director and gallery curator brought together fine artist Daina Stabulniece with choreographers Agatha Wright, Isabelle Bienvenu and Emily Tedesco to bring you a originally choreographed work influenced by the art of Daina.  Don’t miss this one!   http://www.5fortyfive.com/#!events/mainPage  for tickets.

545 NW 1st Avenue

General Provision

“The Evolution of Fashion”

A showcase of fashion of the 1900’s.  From flapper to the tacky 80’s, come and see how fashion has evolved in the 20th century.

525 NW 1st Avenue

Cadence Pop-Up Gallery

The House Built by King

The Stranahan House.   Before instant news media, trading posts were a mark on the route where pioneers could meet, trade goods and exchange news. Traveling by land or by the New River, Stranahan secured fair trade with the Seminoles and took on leadership roles that began both the educational and commercial development of our City.  Fast forward to present day, FATVillage Art Walk is serving our City as place to gather, exchange ideas, purchase goods and engage in public discourse about how are neighborhood is growing. Cadence explores direct connections between past and present continues to evolve. A look at a piece of Fort Lauderdale’s built history, through a designer’s perspective. Stop by as Cadence shines a light on the timeline, details, sustainability, craftsmanship, and evolution of our City’s oldest structure.

435 N. Andrews Avenue

C & I Studios

Main Studio

Reach Guatemala 2014 – Reach is C & I’s official organization on a mission to help and inspire Humanity 2.0.  Its purpose is to bring Real Change in Real People.  This Artwalk highlights the C & I’s family and friends trip in May to Guatemala to spread the joy to children’s homes and families.  It’s an opportunity to enjoy the art, music and food and step outside of the comfort of our world and view the world of others.

541 NW 1st Ave


Project Fine Art/ helium creative/#FATARTPARK

This month, two featured artists, Joseph and Emily Fisher, will have their paintings displayed throughout the studio for #ARTPARK.  Enjoy Stache, A 1920’s Drinking Den, Break Dancers, NKY LBS & Anthony Changes and DJ6Cardinal among some of the other amazing talent.


Other artists and vendors include Bang Bang Jewels, Cabaca ArtBrazil, Chique Chicky, Crazydilla, Da Burger Shack, Drew James Salons, Earthbound Artists, Elektrik Boutique, LIVE ARTISTs –John Rice and  Kalyle, Militia West Clothing Brand, Pete Koza Metal Art, Pop Your Pup and Slumming Duchess

500 NW 1st Avenue

FATVillage Center for the Arts

They have moved!  Just a few doors down.  Drop by and talk with Anthony Lauro, Director, as well as some of the talented faculty.  Take a tour of the Center and enjoy the students’ works that have been created during the very first semester of classes.  A sampling of the workshops offered will also be available.   The focus of the Center is currently on the disciplines of drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, textiles, fantasy illustration and character development.  Ask about designing your own Art Party for your friends, children, associates and guests.   Children and adults alike will enjoy the hands-on activity that inspires creativity and imagination.

531 NW 1st Avenue

Studio Julio Green and Francisco Sheuat

Presenting MOTEL TALK, Performance beginning at 7:00 pm outside the studio

They are back in FAT Village by popular demand. Four multi-instrumentalists; Ignacia Barrios, Alex white, Miguel Paucar, and Adam Hood. Light Indie Pop/Folk songs incorporating unique instrumentation throughout their music.

Francisco and Julio will be showing their mixed media, POP, abstracts and metal work. Come and check the transformation of disposable or discarded item into works of beauty.

115 NW 5th Street

And yes, there will be Food Trucks too! Crazydilla, Chique Chicky and da Burger Shack will be at Helium/around the Village.  C & I usually has them too.  As far as live music, Motel Talk will be in front of Francisco Sheuat and Julio Green Studio beginning at 7:00pm.  

Parking:  There is a metered lot at the corner of Andrews and NW 4th Street – at the old school.  After 6:00 pm until 7:00 am there is no charge – 4 hour limit.   Also available is the City Parking Garage at City Hall . Note: DO NOT PART IN PRIVATE UNMARKED LOTS OR YOU WILL GET TOWED.