Fat Village Monthly Art Walk in Fort Lauderdale (June 28 6pm-10pm)

FATVillage Center for the Arts is here! Drop by the open house and meet Anthony Lauro, Director, as well as some of the talented faculty. Take a tour of the Center and enjoy the students’ works that have been created during the very first semester of classes. A sampling of the workshops offered will also be available. The Center is open for all levels of skill and interest to grades 1-12 as well as adults. The focus of the Center is currently on the disciplines of drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, textiles, fantasy illustration and character development. Something for all!

519 NW 1st Avenue

The Guild 5 Forty Five will have a pre-Artwalk Free Art Hour for the kids from 5:00 – 6:00. (More info below)

545 NW 1st Avenue

The Projects, North

“Game Show”, closing reception, curated by Leah Brown and Peter Symons

Game Show is a highly interactive exhibition of local and national artists’ works that are incorporating the notions of either competitive or critical play.

523 NW 1st Ave.

General Provision

FREEDOM and the Open Internet – a visual, artistic discussion on Net Neutrality

General Provision invites you to take part in a night of awareness as local artists create a provocative, visual discussion in an attempt to save the Open Internet. General Provision’s exhibit is aimed to educate and inform people on the importance and impact Net Neutrality will have on the internet and how it will affect its use in the future. Featuring Artists: Erick Arenas, Marcos Solis, Eric Johnston, Chris Bermudez, Andre Ferriera, Gregory N Dirr, Marlowe Buelvas, Child Prodigy Children, Sara Grant, Brandon Doucette, Richard Arm, Rolby, Tarzan.
Curated by: Collective America.
525 NW 1st Avenue

The Guild 5 Forty Five

Guest artist: Daina Stabulniece, faculty at FATVillage Center for the Arts

Free Art Hour for Kids – 5-6 prior to Artwalk

The Guild will be doing a letterpress workshop and a photo workshop in their space as well as discussing the FATVillage Center for the Arts and escorting interested people to the Center for tours.

Daina ‘s collection of figure paintings channel the process of aging metal to create a patina on canvas and applying oil paint figure studies.

545 NW 1st Avenue

World and Eye Studio

“The Human Image” closing exhibition

What could be more important to human beings than being human? Artists who focus on the human image try to capture the essence of our experience as people. Some try to find an image that expresses the soul, some look at people in context of relationships or society, some a connection to the mystical, some the beauty of the body. You’ll find a bit of each in this show. Featured artists include Ernesto Capdevila, Rosalia Curbelo, Rosita Grossman, Joan Keirstead, Maria Sonia Martin, Jean Minuchin, Rowena Smith and Evelyn Walg.

109 NW 5th Street

Cadence Pop-Up Gallery

Open House
Stop by and chat with Rebecca, Gage and staff while sampling your favorite brew from the Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Truck.

435 N. Andrews Avenue

C & I Studios

Main Studio A – C & I

Ali Armstrong- Endangered Animals Paintings
Three Live Artists from Art Serve
DJ: Max White
Staffed Bar
541 NW 1st Ave

Next Door – C & I

Heather Neiman- Live Muralist
Food truck out back- Chacos Tacos
Music, Drinks, Possibly a live performance by a musician.
Staffed Bar
Brew Urban Cafe serving coffee
541 NW 1st Ave – Next Door

The Garden – C & I

DJ: Tonx
Food Truck: The Rolling Stove- To be parked inside the garden.
19 Vendors: Ranging from clothing, food, arts, crafts, Jewelry
Staffed Bar in the center
Projector Display: Visual art by C&I Studios
Across from The Projects at 545 NW 1st Avenue

Project Fine Art/ helium creative
Guest artists: the helium team
All of the artwork on display will be pieces created and curated by none other than the helium team. The Creative Director, Art Director, Designers and even the Operations Manager and Account Executive are getting in on the action. Pop in and take a look at the helium creations, you won’t regret it!
ArtPark – helium creative
Vendors: Crystal Kult Elektrik Boutique, The Global Galavant, Smile Share the Vibe and All for Love
Artists: Steven Teller, Earthbound, Erin O’Dea, Peter Irwin
500 NW 1st Avenue

Studio Julio Green and Francisco Sheuat
Motel Talk – 7:00 performance outside the studio
Motel Talk is four multi-instrumentalists; Ignacia Barrios, Alex white, Miguel Paucar, and Adam Hood. Light Indie Pop/Folk songs incorporating unique instrumentation throughout their music.
Francisco added a new flamingo to the flock and Julio’s mixed media and sculptures are on display.
115 NW 5th Street

535 Collective Artist Space – Artists:

Cheryl Brown

Sylvie Popov

Jean Luc Thebaud

Gray Walker

535 NW 1st Avenue

Good Hands Gallery (Victoria Park Allstate)

501 N Andrews Ave

Samsara Art Gallery

Featuring Southern US Outsider and Visionary artists.

501 NW 1st Ave

Sri Prabha Studio

113 NW 5 Street

Sixth Star Entertainment Studio

503 NW 1st Ave

Judith Schwab Studio

109 B NW 5th Street

Donna Haynes Art Studio

109 C NW 5th Street

Bonney Goldstein Studio

111 NW 5th Street

Janet Slom Studio

117 NW 5th Street

Andrews Living Arts Studio

23 NW 5th Street